About Our Chamber...

How would we define ourselves?  The answer would be that we are a “chamber of change".  The change comes from a constant transformation of the way  we live and work in the South Shuswap.  You could consider the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce to be 'cutting edge' in that we are the only chamber within British Columbia to be entirely virtual-in-nature.  In fact, at the 2015 BC Chamber of Commerce AGM held in Prince George, the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce was given a special award in recognition of their forward-thinking business model and for bringing the Chamber back to the South Shuswap community under the new format, after having been on a hiatus for over a year.

                                                                                     The South Shuswap is large in area and many of our members are busy working and travelling

                                                                                     throughout the region.  It's not always convenient to spend the added time driving to a 

                                                                                     Chamber office when you can do your business by phone, email or by using online resources.   

                                                                                     Our Directors and our Executive Director Karen Brown want to be out in our region meeting  

                                                                                     with business owners and the public-at-large.  They are working hard on initiatives that

                                                                                     will strengthen the trade and commerce sector of our region, all-the-while saving Chamber

                                                                                     members money by cutting the overhead costs associated with a physical office.

​                                                                                     Chamber GM Karen Brown accepts an award on behalf of the Board of Directors from John                                                                                              Winter, BC Chamber of Commerce CEO & James Belsheim, President of Neptune Terminals,

                                                                                     who sponsored this well-deserved award             

For Chamber of Commerce business or for information on tourism in the Shuswap, our mobile-friendly

website has everything that you need. It is highly informative, engaging and user-friendly.  There are many

options available to you for contacting us.   We can be reached via email, on the phone or through other

social media available through this site.   CLICK HERE for contact info. 

​Funded principally by membership dues and the profits realized from annual fundraisers, the South Shuswap

Chamber of  Commerce seeks to make commerce happen through business growth and attraction, as

well as the advocacy efforts that help improve business in our region.  Our strength lies in the number

and diversity of our membership.