Advocacy for Members...

One of the South Shuswap Chamber's most important roles is that of an advocate for our members.  When we advocate, we work with all levels of government ~ regional, provincial and federal.  Mostly recently, we have supported:

- Changes to the BC Employer Health Tax;

- Redesign of the Balmoral & Hwy 1 Intersection;

- Lobbying to the NDP Government for removal of the Speculation Tax;

- Lobbying to have some lands freed up from the ALR;

- We support Neighbouring Chambers in some advocacy work

To gain some prospective into how advocacy for business works

at all levels, check out the information below, as taken from the

BC Chamber of Commerce webpage:


The BC Chamber of Commerce's dynamic, grassroots policy-building

process is key to our success as B.C.'s premier business advocate. Our

network of local Chambers and their member businesses works

tirelessly to craft forward-thinking, innovative policies that respond to

the current, on-the-ground needs of B.C.'s businesses. When these policies 

are voted into force at the BC Chamber's annual AGM, they carry the

backing of our 36,000 represented businesses. These businesses span from

sole proprietorships and micro-businesses to B.C.'s largest corporate players.

Our network captures the views of every region and sector in the province.

The BC Chamber's rigorous policy-building process, coupled with our strategic

advocacy efforts, has driven our outstanding track record of policy results.

National Impact. The BC Chamber works closely with our partner, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, to ensure that made-in-B.C. policies have national impact. We annually participate in the Canadian Chamber's policy process and bring B.C.'s needs and innovative solutions before our peers from across the country.