We Welcome You to Join our Membership...

Your membership decision is certainly worth the investment.  There is power in the partnership of the members of the South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce.  You cannot put a dollar figure on the benefits, referrals, business leads, political contacts, marketing services, economic development projects, research information, networking opportunities and other work that our chamber does on behalf of the South Shuswap's business community.

Chamber membership provides a comprehensive benefits package offering member discounts plus promotional and networking opportunities.  Other benefits include:

                                                                                               * Sponsorship Opportunities

                                                                                               * Business Referrals & Contacts

                                                                                               * Preferred Rate at Workshops and Seminars

                                                                                               * Committee Involvement

                                                                                               * Education and Mentoring Opportunities

                                                                                               * Listings on the Tourism Kiosks Membership Directories

                                                                                               * Listings on Tourism Maps Distributed Regionally

                                                                                               * Feature Listing Annually on Chamber Facebook Page

*                                                                                                          * Landing Page on the Chamber Website

​                                                                                               * Chamber Business Breakfasts with Keynote Speakers

                                                                                               * Social Networking Opportunities


​​Advocacy is an important benefit to belonging to ones Chamber.  The South Shuswap Chamber of Commerce acts as a unified voice for businesses of all sizes and interests in our region.   Through its affiliation with the BC and Canadian Chambers of Commerce, the South Shuswap Chamber lobbies, non-partisan, on behalf of its members to government at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.  

There is strength in numbers and we are always welcoming new members to create more business leads, networking opportunities and to assist in the economic growth and well-being of the South Shuswap.