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Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge 

owners/managers: shirley  mainprize & chris harris 

phone:                      250.679.2778        

email:                       chris.donkeyrefuge@gmail.com  


address:                  7877 skimikin rd chase bc v0e 1m1 

About This Business:   Since 1999, the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge has been offering refuge to donkeys. Our purpose is similar to other animal shelters that provide services to domestic animals, but we specialize in donkeys which cannot be adopted due to their ongoing physical health and often mental health issues.  For the rest of their lives, our donkeys remain with us at their Forever Home.

We are committed to educating the public about the plight of donkeys and how their support can help us not only care for the Refuge donkeys but also work with donkey owners to ensure that the mistreatment of these beasts of burden ends.