Hucul Printing Ltd.

Owner/Manager:                     Bernie Hucul

Phone:                                       250.832.5054 

Email:                                         ​

Address:                                    471 5 St SW, Salmon Arm BC, V1E 1S9

About this Business:             We have been in operation for 29 years and are known to be                                                        active community members in  Salmon Arm and the surrounding                                                  Shuswap area. We serve a diverse set of clients from private                                                        individuals to small business owners and corporations alike. We                                                  print everything from small labels for your bakery, to large posters                                                for your concerts. Whatever project you are working on, whatever                                                business you are operating, whatever event you are planning,                                                      Hucul Printing Ltd. can help turn your ideas into reality.