inSite Organizing

Owner/Manager:                     ​​Barb Smaha

Phone:                                       250.833.1955

Email:                               ​​

Address:                                    ​​Enderby, BC

About this Business:            Insite Organizing provides the guidance and education to allow                                                     people to achieve their specific organizing goals - all without                                                         judgement. With direction and support, I help clients understand                                                   how they can live successfully with less and grow to appreciate a                                                 clutter-free, organized space. I work in person or virtually to create                                               efficient and functional spaces for the home or office. I also offer                                                   real estate staging & decluttering – a well-staged home almost                                                     always equals a quicker sale, for a higher price. I am a                                                                 professionally trained organizer and a member of the Professional                                               Organizers in Canada.